I Thought My Mind Was On My Side When I Started Ski Racing But I Quickly Discovered It Wasn't...

Have you ever been in a situation where part of you wanted to go for it but another part was not so sure and this inner conflict led to a poorer than expected performance?

As a career ski coach of 20 years, I have helped countless clients deal with what I call their Inner Game to remove inner conflict, doubt, and unhelpful fear that was holding them back.

I thought I had the Inner Game all figured out until I started ski racing!

Standing at the start gate of my first big ski race, what started out as a fun idea quickly turned into a fear performance shutdown and blew up from there.

With all my experience helping others, at that moment I was powerless to help myself.

What I didn’t know then, but I know now is there is this Inner Game that operates at the unconscious level with the power to influence my performance.

My mission became to figure out what was going right and wrong and how to unlock my personal best and be free to perform under pressure.

It took several seasons to piece together all the elements of the Inner Game. How to identify and unpack the hidden things that held me back and how to step in, take control, and play the game to my advantage. 

My biggest breakthrough came once I discovered this one thing that was there all the time, but I could never quite see it. This one thing was the game changer for me and it’s been the game changer for those I share it with as well.

I have taken this one thing and distilled it into an easy-to-follow “Ultimate Success Formula”, which I reveal in my new book, which is out later this year. 

You can register to be one of the first to get the book here.

If you suspect you could benefit from sharpening your Inner Game, be sure to check out one of my Ultimate Success Coaching Programs.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Peter Alan Stone

When taking a break from helping his athletes breakthrough to greater success, you'll find Peter chasing and coaching his twin boys around the ski slopes, golf course, soccer field, tennis, and basketball courts!

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